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Edging and trimming around a landscaping bed during our spring lawn clean up services.

Spring & Fall Cleanups Serving Detroit Lakes, MN & Surrounding Areas

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Detroit Lakes, MN area homeowners and business owners can take advantage of our spring and fall cleanups on an annual basis!

Our professional spring and fall cleanup services include mowing and the removal of debris buildup from your lawn.

A property in Detroit Lakes receiving their first spring time mow.

During the changing seasons in Detroit Lakes, MN, a lot happens to your lawn and landscaping that needs to be attended to for both to thrive and carry on into the next part of the year. We make sure customers who are homeowners or business owners are aware of the changes each season brings to their lawn and landscaping and how it can be handled by a professional service such as ours.

Spring and fall cleanups are the best times to do a good mow, remove any buildup of debris on your lawn, and take care of annoying tasks many homeowners tend to put off throughout the year. With a full-service landscaping company to take advantage of like Miller Yard Care & Construction, you no longer have to worry about putting off your necessary annual outdoor chores! 

When Spring Cleanups Are Performed & What Is Done

Spring is the time of renewal and awakening. For your lawn, it is time for it to come out of its dormant period and prepare for warm, summer weather. Spring cleanups are typically performed during late March or early April when your grass begins to grow and is ready for that first, crisp, clean cut.

During our spring cleanups, we perform your first mow of the season! We prepare your lawn for its ongoing weekly maintenance and establish a routine. Also during spring cleanups, we do dethatching on lawns. Dethatching is a process of mechanically removing a layer of dead grass that has built up over time. We refer to this as thatch, which is comprised of debris, dead roots, and grass. It can prevent the proper nutrients and water from reaching your grassroots. 

Dethatching is important because once thatch is removed, your lawn is able to absorb nutrients from your spring fertilizer.

The last major task we perform during your spring cleanup is gutter cleaning. Gutters should be checked at least once per year, if not more, to make sure they are free and clear of debris buildup or standing water. When gutters are left unattended, they can:

  • Become a breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Grow mold, fungus, or harbor bad bacteria
  • Break and cause damage to the exterior of your home 

Details on Fall Cleanups & Leaf Removal Services

Preparing your property for winter dormancy is key to having a superb lawn in the spring! At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we put a focus on finishing your lawn mowing for the season by giving your turf a final mow. We usually start fall cleanups towards the end of September and into early October to achieve optimal time for your freshly mown lawn to gather nutrients under cooler temperatures and rainfall.

Our biggest chore of the fall season is leaf removal. During early to mid-October, the trees within the Detroit Lakes, MN area will experience heavy leaf loss. Properties with many trees on them can expect an abundance of leaves to fall and cover their lawn. Our fall cleanup services will efficiently rake, blow, and remove the leaves on your property. If leaves are left to sit on your lawn, they can smother and kill your lawn. This also creates an ideal environment for insect infestation and lawn diseases.

During our fall cleanups, we also offer aeration, which works to control buildup in your lawn. Without aeration, your lawn struggles to get the air it needs to flourish. Aeration also helps to break up the soil, which gives water and fertilizer a chance to reach all of your soil. We also offer gutter cleaning in our fall cleanup services.

Fall cleanup services typically start at the end of September and into early October. Removing fallen leaves from your property is vital to the health of your lawn. 

One-Time Services for Neglected, Overgrown, & Distressed Properties

Cleaning up and mowing a property that has been neglected.

Every property, whether commercial or residential, has different needs that must be met during seasonal cleanups. For that reason, in addition to routine spring and fall cleanups, we offer one-time services on neglected, overgrown, or distressed properties in the Detroit Lakes, MN area. 

Call us for an inspection of your property and a quote on seasonal cleanup services.

Whatever your property needs are, talk to one of our experts today by calling (218) 849-9794. We can provide you with a property inspection that includes a detailed quote. The health and longevity of your lawn depend on services like seasonal cleanups.

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