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Edging and trimming around a landscaping bed during our spring lawn clean up services.

Spring & Fall Cleanups Serving Detroit Lakes, MN & Surrounding Areas

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Detroit Lakes, MN area homeowners and business owners can take advantage of our spring and fall cleanups included only with the complete yard care package.

Our professional spring and fall cleanup services are the "book-end" services of our complete yard care packages. 


A property in Detroit Lakes receiving their first spring time mow.

When Spring Cleanups Are Performed

Spring is the time of renewal and awakening. For your lawn, it is time for it to come out of its dormant period and prepare for warm, summer weather. Spring cleanups are typically performed from mid-April to early May.

Spring Cleanups: What's Included

  • Blowing Out: we blow out any leaves and debris from around buildings and out of landscape beds
  • Dethatching as needed: we perform a maintenance dethatching with a spring-tooth dethatcher. Dethatching is a lot like hand-raking. It is a process of mechanically removing a layer of dead grass that has built up over time. We refer to this as thatch, which is comprised of debris, dead roots, and grass. It can prevent the proper nutrients and water from reaching your grassroots.
  • Edging as needed: we edge along sidewalks and concrete driveways, retaining walls and street curbs
  • Mowing and Bagging: we give your yard the first mowing of the season and bag up all the debris, leaving your yard clean and ready for the new growing season!


After we've bagged your yard in the spring, we then maintain the clean look with our weekly mowing and bagging service. 

A property in Detroit Lakes receiving their fall leaf removal cleanup

When Fall Cleanups & Leaf Removals are Performed

Preparing your property for winter dormancy is key to having a superb lawn in the spring! During early to mid-October, the trees within the Detroit Lakes, MN area will experience heavy leaf loss. Properties with many trees on them can expect an abundance of leaves to fall and cover their lawn. Our fall cleanup services will efficiently rake, blow, and remove the leaves on your property. If leaves are left to sit on your lawn, they can smother and kill your lawn. This also creates an ideal environment for insect infestation and lawn diseases. At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we usually start fall cleanups around mid to late October through the first week of November.

Fall Cleanups: What's Included

  • Blowing Out: we blow out any leaves and debris from around buildings and out of landscape beds
  • Mowingwe give your yard the last final mowing of the season
  • Bagging and Leaf Disposal: We vacuum up all those leaves from your yard and haul off to dispose of, leaving your yard ready for winter.

With our complete yard care packages, you don't have to worry about all those leaves in the fall. You can relax and let us do the work for you! 

Free up your schedule with our all-inclusive lawn care program

Spring and Fall cleanups are only offered as part of our complete seasonal yard care package. The Complete Yard Care Packages entail taking care of your yard from spring to fall and include the following services:

Complete Yard Care Package: SIMPLY and EASY!

Call us for a quote on complete yard care services for your residential or commercial property.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Detroit Lakes, MN, your property will benefit from the complete yard care services we provide- including seasonal cleanups. Our service professionals would be happy to provide you with a quote for your property. Call us today at (218) 849-9794.

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