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Our teams truck and trailer full of all our lawn equipment to service our clients in and around Detroit Lakes. Minnesota

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Policies

Pets, Gates & Items in the Yard

All animal waste must be picked up before we arrive to service the lawn. Pets must be kept contained while yard is being serviced. All small items such as toys, garbage, etc. must also be picked up from the yard prior to our arrival. As a reminder, we must have complete access to all service areas so please leave all service areas unlocked or provide us with the lock combination.

Canceling Service

A notice of at least 2 business days is required to cancel services or you will still be charged for that service. Thus, if we show up and you do not want your yard mowed or it has already been done, you will still be billed for that service if we were not notifed 2 business days prior to the service date. 

Billing & Payment

Invoices are sent out the beginning of the month for the previous month's services. Payment can be made by mailing a check to our PO Box 684 or via credit card through the online link sent with the emailed invoice. Accounts must be kept current in order to continue services. 

Coordination of Providers

If you have another provider doing weed control & fertilizer and the yard has been treated on a day we mow, we will skip the lawn that day and resume the normal mowing schedule the following week. A service charge will still be assessed if we were not notified 2 business days prior. 


Lawncare FAQs

What is the mowing season?

We continue to service the lawn weekly as needed through the first part of October, weather permitting. If you wish to change the mowing schedule or cancel services after Labor Day, then you must notify us. Note that it is important to continue mowing the lawn through the first part of fall to avoid excessive grass growth. If the grass does get long, we reserve the right to charge extra for fall cleanup.

What is the mowing schedule?

Each client is assigned a mowing day on route during the week. We reserve the right to mow one day early or one day late due to weather, holidays, routing or staffing.

Can I change my mowing schedule to bi-weekly?

Bi-weekly (every other week) mowing can create issues such as extra grass clippings and grass clumps. We will not double cut a bi-weekly lawn to give it the look of a lawn serviced weekly. We reserve the right to charge extra for bi-weekly service. To switch mowing from a weeky to bi-weekly schedule, a 2 business day notice is required. The selected week is dependent upon schedule routing. We will continue to service your yard weekly unless you notify us otherwise.

Do you guarantee your overseeding service?

Overseeding is fully guaranteed to customers for whom we manage their weed control, fertilization & irrigation. To those customers who handle their own weed control, fertilization & irrigation, we only guarantee the seed we put down is of good quality and applied in an appropriate amount according to industry standards.

Snow Removal FAQs

When will my driveway be cleared?

We clear all residential accounts automatically at a 1 or 2” trigger, whichever one you signed up for. Commencement time is up to contractor’s discretion. We will work with the weather, routing efficiency and day/time as needed. Our goal is to ensure the driveway is passable. If needed due to a large snowfall, we may do a quick pass through the driveway to keep it open and then come back again once the storm is done.

Will I receive notification when my driveway will be cleared?

We will post on Facebook when we have commenced snow clearing operations.

What if the city plow comes after you clear my driveway?

We attempt to run our routes behind the city plows. However, since the city often fluctuates when they clear particular streets, there may be times we clear your driveway prior to the city’s first-pass to clear the street. If that happens, you can email us to request the plow ridge be cleared from your driveway. We will return within 24 hrs to clear a plow ridge resulting from the first initial clearing of the city plow.

What if I want extra snow removal done?

The extent of snow removal you sign up for is regularly scheduled for each snow event. If you want additional snow removal done in different areas, you can contact the office. Additional snow removal services are subject to a minimum service fee and priced accordingly. Scheduling is subject to availability and routing. For faster service, it is best to contact us by email during a snow event to inquire about getting the additional snow removal work on the 2nd day list.

What if there is a vehicle parked in my driveway?

In order to maintain route efficiency and pricing, we cannot wait for everyone to move their vehicles during a snow removal operation. Thus, by policy we cannot wait on-site for you to move your car. Vehicles should be removed from driveway/garage apron area prior to a snow event in order for all snow to be cleared. If this is not possible, then alternate which side of the apron you park your car so we can clear accordingly. If you move a vehicle and would like the spot cleared 2nd day, please notify us via email during the day of a snow event, and we will add the spot to our 2nd day route. An additional service fee will be accessed.

What about trash cans?

We are not responsible to move trash cans. Thus, trash cans should already be moved out of the way to ensure all of the apron is cleared completely. We will stay 2 feet away from any unmoved trash cans.

What about lawn decorations and downspouts?

We are not responsible for damage to hidden objects buried under the snow. Thus, please remove all flower pots, extension cords, dog leashes, landscape bed ornaments, etc. and raise gutter downspouts prior to winter snow fall.

If I also signed up for shovelling service, when will my sidewalk be cleared?

Shovelling service is separate from the driveway clearing service so will not be done at the same time. Typically, the shovelling is done after the driveway is cleared.

Will my driveway be marked?

We will install driveway markers along the edge of the driveway and other areas as needed. These stakes must NOT be removed. If stakes have been removed, we will not service the driveway. We will remove the stakes ourselves after the close of the snow removal season. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any missing driveway markers.

What if my driveway is a 2nd day account?

All 2nd day accounts will be cleared according to trigger level the next business day after a snow event.

What are the terms of the contract?

We provide service anytime it snows 1 or 2” or more (as specified by contract) from November 1st through April 15th.

When is payment due?

In order to be on the seasonal snow removal list, seasonal rate must be paid in full and contract form submitted. Payment can be made via check or credit card. There is a $30 service charge for all NSF checks. Forms may be mailed or scanned and emailed. Availability is limited and based on a first-come/first-serve basis.