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Miller Yard Care & Construction team member applying a fertilization treatment to a lawn in Detroit Lakes, MN.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Serving Detroit Lakes, MN & Surrounding Areas

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We provide premium fertilization and weed control services for your home or business property in Detroit Lakes, MN area.

At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we know our customers want the greenest lawn on the block all season long! A healthy, green lawn starts at the plant roots. So we offer a premium weed control & fertilizer program to nourish your grass and kill the weeds!

Miller Yard Care & Construction professional treating and fertilizing a lawn in Detroit Lakes, MN.

The Premium 4-application program is not just a "weed and feed" program. It is a carefully calculated combination of controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer, multiple soil nutrients and enzymes, stress reliever and wetting agent, and pre and post-emergent broadleaf and crabgrass herbicide.

What do you get with our premium weed control & fertilization program?

  • Extended-release fertilizer

  • Weed-free lawn

  • Environmentally conscious treatments

  • Peace of mind

Not "just" a Weed & Feed Program

Our premium weed control & fertilization program is more than just a traditional fertilizer and herbicide. We work with an experienced agronomist and utilize products which are used to keep golf courses at top-level. Thus, our program is a carefully calculated combination of:


  • Controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer: Nutrients available to plants for an extended period of time results in more nutrients used and less wasted from leaching or volatilization

  • Multiple soil nutrients & enzymes: Fertilizer enhancement products such as microbes and enzymes increase fertilizer effectiveness by helping plants use the nutrients to the fullest

  • Stress reliever & wetting agents: Additional products work together to ensure nutrient availability and protect the lawn from environmental stressors such as late-summer heat

  • Pre and post-emerge herbicide for broadleaf and crabgrass weeds: Systemically absorbed herbicides get to the root of the problem by killing tough weeds from the root up

What makes our weed control & fertilizer program superior to a traditional program? 

  • Predictable Nitrogen vs Unpredictable Nitrogen
    • The nitrogen we use is absorbed by plant foliage and control-released to effectively feed plants for a long duration of time, thus decreasing waste. On the other hand, free nitrogen used in a traditional program easily washes away, volitalizes or is leached. Thus it's effectiveness is based on weather. 

  • Low Salt Content vs High Salt Content
    • Our program contains no components which are detrimental to the soil. It even has a product that helps flush excess sodium out of the ground. On the other hand, cheap fertilizer products contain high levels of salt and excess filler products that are detrimental to soil, plant roots and microorganisms. 

  • Controlled Growth vs Growth Surges
    • The nutrients in our products are taken up by the plant for an extended period of time which then promotes a thriving plant and also strong, healthy root system. The result is overall plant health, not just excess top growth. On the other hand, with traditional programs, plants take up a lot of nitrogen suddendly, causing a surge in top growth but a weak root system. 

  • Full Return on Investment vs Little Value
    • Our program includes fertilizer enhancements which increase the fertilizer effectiveness so that plants are able to use all of the nutrients applied. On the other hand, cheap fertilizers may seem inexpensive, but you're simply hoping for the best. There's no guarantee of the value you'll get. 

  • Complete Nutrition Package vs Just Weed & Feed
    • Our program is a combination of nutrition, micronutrients, stress reliever, wetting agent, and pre and post-emerge herbicide for golf-course grade quality. On the other hand, traditional programs primarily consist of two fertilizer ingredients (nitrogen and potassium) and an ag-grade, volatile herbicide for only broadleaf weeds

  • High-quality vs low-quality herbicide
    • The herbicide we use controls both broadleaf and crabgrass weeds and has built-in surfactants to create a low-volatile, low-odor product that sticks and penetrates weeds. It is systemically absorbed to kill weeds at the root level. On the other hand, traditional programs often utilize an ester-based product which kills the top of weeds but not the root, allowing the weeds to grow back. It is also easily volatile which causes decreased effectiveness and potential harm to other plants. 

Fertilizer Provides Necessary Nutrients for Your Lawn to Thrive

It's important to maintain a consistent fertilizer schedule, as each season's treatment provides different benefits. Spring fertilizer provides the initial nutrients needed for your lawn to grow to its optimal condition, while summer fertilizer gives your lawn a maintained look and continues to nourish your lawn. Our fall fertilizer treatment gets your lawn ready for the winter months as it starts to enter its dormant period. We've created this schedule with your lawn's health in mind.

Our lawn fertilizer treatments are performed to give your lawn the best care possible. We also include pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to keep weeds under control.

Fertilization and weed control treatments being applied by one of our service technicians.


Common Weeds in the Area

Weeds are unsightly and cause a detrimental effect on your lawn. When weeds are allowed to grow, they can steal the necessary nutrients and hydration that your grass needs to thrive. Weeds also grow at a rapid rate and crowd out the healthy portions of your lawn.

Some of the most common weeds found in Detroit Lakes, MN are:

  • Dandelions
  • Thistle
  • Crabgrass
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Spotted Knapweed

Since weeds appear at different times throughout the year, routine weed treatments are just as important as regular fertilization treatments. During all four of our fertilizer applications, we apply weed control to help prevent or kill any weeds germinating below the surface.

At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we utilize a combination of both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, and use a calculated combination of both that enables us to eradicate broadleaf and grassy weeds on your property.

Our Weed Control & Fertilization program can be purchased as part of our Complete Seasonal Yard Care package or as a separate package. 

Microbial Aeration

Aeration is important to decrease soil compaction and thus increase oxygen, water and nutrient availability to grass roots. It helps improve the overall root and plant health which makes a greener, better-looking yard!

We use a product called C20 to microbially aerate lawns. C20 microbial aeration is superior to mechanical aeration for the following reasons: 

  • No Compromise: C20 can be applied early in the season without compromising pre-emerge weed control

  • No Mess: no unsightly soil plugs afterwards

  • No Damage: no risk of damaging irrigation heads

C20 is a simple, easy way to aerate your lawn and get results! 

Call us for a quote on fertilization and weed control services for your commercial or residential property.

Without proper fertilization and weed control treatments, your lawn can suffer greatly from lawn disease, insect infestation, and overgrown weeds. Caring for your lawn at the soil level gives it the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and stress-free grass. A stress-free lawn is able to withstand environmental and weather conditions that could cause it harm.

Are you ready to take control of your lawn's health? Call us today at (218) 849-9794 for fertilization and weed control quotes on your commercial or residential property around the Detroit Lakes, MN area.

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