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Miller Yard Care & Construction team member applying a fertilization treatment to a lawn in Detroit Lakes, MN.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Serving Detroit Lakes, MN & Surrounding Areas

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We provide routine fertilization and weed control services for your home or business property in Detroit Lakes, MN area.

Your grass is nourished with our 4-application program offering that also prevents weeds from becoming established.

Miller Yard Care & Construction professional treating and fertilizing a lawn in Detroit Lakes, MN.

At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we know our customers want the greenest lawn on the block all year long, so we offer services that make that happen. Routine lawn care starts at the roots of your grass, which is where fertilizer and weed control comes into play.

For both commercial and residential customers in Detroit Lakes, MN, we offer a 4-application fertilizer program to help nourish your lawn and weed control to prevent weeds from becoming established and stealing nutrients that your lawn needs.

How Our Fertilizer Applications Work

Over the course of the year, we use four different applications to weed and feed your lawn. Our fertilizer is broken down over spring, summer, and fall to supply all the nutrients your grass needs to maintain its density and deep green color.

We use standard chemical fertilizers meant to boost the natural nutrients needed to nourish the soil and keep your grass healthy. For large lots, we have a ride-on fertilizer machine that enables us to cover larger areas in less time.

Fertilizer Provides Necessary Nutrients for Your Lawn to Thrive

When you use fertilizer, your lawn receives the necessary nutrients it needs in order to thrive. It's important to maintain a consistent fertilizer schedule, as each season's treatment provides different benefits. Spring fertilizer provides the initial nutrients needed for your lawn to grow to its optimal condition, while summer fertilizer gives your lawn a maintained look and continues to nourish your lawn.

Our fall fertilizer treatment gets your lawn ready for the winter months as it starts to enter its dormant period. We've created this schedule with your lawn's health in mind.

Our lawn fertilizer treatments are performed to give your lawn the best care possible. We also include pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to keep weeds under control.

The Benefits of Routine Fertilizer Treatments

Fertilization and weed control treatments being applied by one of our service technicians.

Your lawn craves the nutrients from fertilizer. While these nutrients are present in your soil already, they are typically not enough to sustain the healthy growth of your turf and landscape plants. Routine fertilizer treatments help your lawn remain healthy, allow it to recover from damage more quickly, and make it more resistant to adverse environmental conditions.

Additionally, a well-fertilized lawn has a higher chance of making it through winter dormancy due to the strengthened roots and grass blades from the added nutrients.

How Weeds Affect Your Lawn & Common Weeds in the Area

Weeds are unsightly and cause a detrimental effect on your lawn. When weeds are allowed to grow, they can steal the necessary nutrients and hydration that your grass needs to thrive. Weeds also grow at a rapid rate and crowd out the healthy portions of your lawn.

Some of the most common weeds found in Detroit Lakes, MN are:

  • Dandelions
  • Thistle
  • Crabgrass
  • Creeping Charlie
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Spotted Knapweed

Since weeds appear at different times throughout the year, routine weed treatments are just as important as regular fertilization treatments. During all four of our granular fertilizer applications, we apply weed control to help prevent or kill any weeds germinating below the surface.

At Miller Yard Care & Construction, we utilize a combination of both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, and use a calculated combination of both that enables us to eradicate broadleaf and grassy weeds on your property.

Call us for a quote on fertilization and weed control services for your commercial or residential property.

Without proper fertilization and weed control treatments, your lawn can suffer greatly from lawn disease, insect infestation, and overgrown weeds. Caring for your lawn at the soil level gives it the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and stress-free grass. A stress-free lawn is able to withstand environmental and weather conditions that could cause it harm.

Are you ready to take control of your lawn's health? Call us today at (218) 849-9794 for fertilization and weed control quotes on your commercial or residential property around the Detroit Lakes, MN area.

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