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Repairing an irrigation system in Audubon, MN.

Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance Serving Detroit Lakes, MN & Surrounding Areas

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Professional irrigation repair and maintenance service for properties in and around Detroit Lakes, MN.

Our repair team ensures your sprinkler system is in working condition through startup and winterizing services.

A sprinkler system in Shoreham, MN.

Our professional irrigation maintenance company ensures your irrigation system is in working condition year-round. We perform repairs as they arise. This way, we can address irrigation issues and allow your landscape to receive an adequate distribution of water. Our repair team is available to properties located in Detroit Lakes, MN and surrounding lake property areas.

Spring irrigation startup services for your property in the Detroit Lakes, MN area.

A sprinkler watering the lawn in Detroit Lakes, MN.

To help your irrigation and sprinkler systems recover properly from the winter, we turn on your system and ensure it's in working order once the spring season rolls around. Weather permitting, we perform our spring startup services for your property in May.

If our team notices any issues while we're performing our spring startup services, we will address them while we're on-site.

Irrigation winterization services for your property in the Detroit Lakes, MN area.

Without the proper preparation, your irrigation system is susceptible to severe damage in the winter. Beginning mid to late September, our team will begin winterizing your property's irrigation and sprinkler systems.

To begin this process, we dry out your systems by blowing air through them. From there, we turn off your pumps to prevent freeze damage from occurring.

Without professional winterizing services, your irrigation system may acquire:

  • Cracked pipes and fittings
  • Busted valves
  • Defective backflow devices
  • Broken sprinkler heads

Irrigation Repair: broken sprinkler heads, water lines, and timers, etc

For systems we start up and winterization, our team will also provide irrigation repair as needed or requested. If you notice any issues with your irrigation or sprinkler system, our repair team will come out to inspect it and diagnose the problem. From there, we will perform any necessary repairs to get your system back in superb working order.

By opting for a professional irrigation maintenance service, you can ensure your irrigation system is working effectively throughout the growing season so your grass will stay green!


Does your property need professional irrigation repair and maintenance services? Call us today.

To ensure the longevity of your irrigation or sprinkler system, it's worth investing in professional irrigation repair and maintenance services. Our team has the equipment and industry knowledge to guarantee your irrigation and sprinkler systems are working properly year-round. Call us today at (218) 849-9794 for expert irrigation repair and maintenance services in and around Detroit Lakes, MN.

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